• Extending into my next adventure

    It seems so much longer than just over a month ago I left Automattic, it has been an incredible adventure so far. I have done a lot of recharging, thinking and considering what I am going to be doing.

    I truly believe most good things start with a great conversation (often also tea) and my next step was no different. I began talking to Artur Grabowski and Chris Lubkert about all things WordPress one afternoon, this led into talking about their exciting project Extendify. As we talked so many of the things they want to ease aligned with what I also wanted to work on. One problem they want to solve is one close to my heart, that of making WordPress easier to navigate in a sea of plugins and themes. They are working to form an onboarding and site creation experience that stays true to native Gutenberg, yet looks to the ecosystem outside for inspiration. It was a really interesting conversation and ended up with several more, leading to the exciting thing I want to share today. I am joining Extendify as their Head of design and really looking forward to the potential work there.

    I didn’t leave my last role looking for another full time role, as I wrote previously I was very open to whatever happened. I am incredibly excited about not only the problems looking to be solved at Extendify, but the engaged and enthusiastic team looking to dive into exploring them. I am going to be working 4 days a week, which enables me to still work on my own projects and contribute a few hours a week. I have just completed my second week at the company and I can honestly say it is proving to be energising. I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to find this balance and start this new adventure.