• Brain worms

    Do you ever have thoughts that borrow deep inside your head? It might be a worry or a doubt that seems to multiply the more it stays there, the more into your brain it grows. I think of this as brain worms, and they multiply.

    Brain worms start typically with one thing – it might be a fear of the unknown or a comment someone says. Maybe you send a Slack message, and that reply takes a little too long, or a passing comment during a zoom you hear in a tone that says something to you. Often the worms are against you, worms aren’t friendly, they are soul-destroying and wreck the infrastructure you have built up to defend yourself.

    There is no real cure for brain worms; the best treatment is when they start wiggling to recognise them for what they are. It doesn’t prevent them, but it does slow their growth and stop the spirals. A brain worm infestation often seems much worse than it is and passes fairly rapidly. Name those brain worms and remind yourself worms aren’t real.