• Brain catch pots

    Most of my plants are semi-hydroponic and, as a result, have catch pots. These are containers that hold the plant pot and collect the water. Often that’s overflow or drain from watering. It also serves as a reservoir to feed the plants. I work very similar to that where I need a system to catch my ideas to feed into work.

    What do I mean by brain catch pots? Well, often, I’ll get an idea, and if it doesn’t get out of my head, it typically borrows around for a bit going around and around, taking up space. I can release it by having a catch pot, but make sure it’s stored to check later and see if it is valid. If not, I can drain it away. This might be writing it down, typing, making a list, storing it somewhere or even creating something.

    As I have begun to settle into this 30 day publishing challenge, my writing is becoming one of my catch pots. A place to put ideas, see where they go, test them on for size and shape. That’s a significant part of this process, just writing, publishing and seeing what will be. Maybe it is short, maybe long. I write more out than I find I post at times because that’s the way of writing.

    Catch pots are a system, a little like an ecology that processes my ideas. I have to keep an eye on making sure they don’t overflow, but it’s a pretty self-maintaining system that keeps my brain clear once I do that. That allows me to keep publishing.