• Celebrate the passing of side projects

    One of the things I’ve tried to do this year is actively working on creating side projects. This has lead to some growing form ideas, some not even maturing past the seed. However, it has taught me that even in passing, a side project can be something to celebrate; the sheer fact you allowed that ‘what if’ is something to delight in.

    On any given day, my mind probably has over ten different projects swirling around in it. That’s ok; most brains do because brains often are busy with ideas. Allowing those to see what could happen that’s where the potential is. This is why even if my project fails, the fact I took that idea out of my brain gave it the opportunity – that matters. It also gave my brain space to breathe which is an important part of this process. I have moved from never mind to a perhaps maybe state. Perhaps maybe something will come of this.

    Some ideas aren’t ready yet. They need more time to grow. So their passing is more a temporary state because you can come back to them. Others, well, they tried their best and just weren’t suitable for you. Maybe you can even share them with someone else – perhaps they are meant to be someone else’s side project. They are giving space for the new, making room and clearing the fertile opportunity land in passing.

    The point is you tried and moving on matters now because you have more things to try. I don’t think the passing of an idea is celebrated enough, so I plan on trying to do that a little more. Thank them as they go, and be glad I had the opportunity to try.