• Same thing a day

    Last week, I got a timely reminder from the YouTube algorithm that sometimes focusing just on one thing is important and practice refining that. I’ve been trying to get back into a regular creative practice, so this was perfectly delivered by my search results.

    I was in my lunch, clicking along and found a video by Struthless. In it, he recounts the ‘drawing advice that changed my life’. In short, the advice simmers down to.

    Draw the same thing every day.

    He was given the task, and in it, all obstacles were removed out of his way, such as choosing a subject or anything that could have caused that procrastination, distraction with choice. His challenge was drawing an Ibis every day, and I share the video so he can tell the story of how that went – spoiler it worked.

    It’s easy to want to do all the things, get distracted – however, it is important to do because thinking isn’t doing when all you are doing is thinking. This advice works on so many levels. When you try and do multiple things you are spread out. You get to refine your craft in one form; you get to focus on one style – there’s a removal of so many obstacles and ‘what ifs’; it’s perfect advice. However, the biggest thing is you get to just start and then you find your thing.