• Think outside your communication

    I adore my brain; it’s got me some pretty incredible experiences and a great life so far. For me, a consistent thread has been communication; how ideas come from inside that headspace to the outside world. I am not different from many, but I wanted to share how it’s ok to be frustrated at times. It’s also something to be aware of when you communicate with someone; their headspace isn’t yours, their communication is not yours.

    Even the act of verballing communicating for me isn’t always the most comfortable. I don’t mean to say I can’t talk because sure I can. I was a shy younger person, and it took me a long time, even into relatively recent adulthood, to find my voice beyond close people. Spoken words are tricky, and honestly, the energy it takes me to wrestle with them, I’d rather be doing other things at times. It’s just not my ideal comfortable space, not my preferred method of communication.

    I can use other communication methods easier; visual works best, but that limits abstracted ideas. Writing I do as a practice to get better; for example, this 30-day blogging helps like going to the writing gym. If it’s a good typing day, I can get a flow state writing which means I can fool my brain into being open about the ideas.

    This constant thread in my work has given me an awareness I deeply value that everyone communicates differently. I value every feedback that notes my communication because it’s also a reminder we are all different. I welcome every piece of advice because I learn.

    Even if you are communicating in your native language, it might not feel like your native language. Honestly, that’s how it can feel for me if I express ideas fast on the spot. I don’t say this to accommodate, sympathise, I am doing just fine, and I have my ideas because of my headspace. However, next time you communicate, allow that person to share in the way that works for them and don’t assume your path will be the only way.