• Learning when to roadmap

    One of the most significant gifts over the years I have given to myself is the chance to recognise and accommodate where I might need particular things. It’s been a process of identifying healthy patterns, finding techniques or adjusting to ease mental spirals and negate stress. One of the biggest of these is creating a roadmap; I find the process of making them incredibly soothing to me.

    I am currently being reminded of how much this helps me as I will move in just over a month. Now, this might seem far away for some, particularly if I tell you I am a pretty minimalist person. I don’t even have much furniture to move with. However, I need momentum and structure for a planner like me – a roadmap for my move. If I don’t have that, well, everything tends to fall down a bit.

    By having a plan for each week that is organised and clear – I can slowly and gently get there each day at a time. It’s comforting to me and provides a forward action in the process. I literally focus each day at a time once it’s in place. I can do this because I have spent the time looking at the bigger picture, getting it all written down and out, prepared. My mind is clear, so my flow state is enabled.

    Roadmaps are the soothing technique that shows me the goal and breaks it down into steps of getting there – to then achieve it. This took me a little while to realise the full power, but I now deploy it in moments of stress as even a quick plan can ease.