• The sound of wind
      I sit here writing and listening to the sound of the wind. It’s a stormy night, and the seasons are changing. With it comes not only a change in time but a chance in pace. […]
    • A cup of tea
      Sometimes when your mind is swirling and things are endlessly going around and around all you need is that moment. Sometimes all it takes it that one cup of tea. That pause, that catch. Tea […]
    • Learning when to roadmap
      One of the most significant gifts over the years I have given to myself is the chance to recognise and accommodate where I might need particular things. It’s been a process of identifying healthy patterns, […]
    • Clicking publish again
      There is a certain poetry in the last post on this blog being my celebration of Click Publish and this one being about diving into it again. Whilst I did actually achieve creating something every […]
    • Clicking publish on 32 posts
      It began with seeing a post in Slack and then 32 posts later; I find myself writing the 33rd today. Since that post, I have clicked publish every day, and I wanted to unpack what […]
    • What could half a day do?
      Yesterday I decided to unplug a large portion of the day and see if I could focus my time on achieving something previously I’ve not been able to do before – crochet. I wanted to […]
    • Remove friction by creating a space
      One of the biggest self-sabotage tools in my box of procrastination is setting something up. If there is an effort to get things out of creating a space, the likelihood reduces the longer it will […]
    • Breathe then action
      When things aren’t always the best and a strong emotion surfaces, the biggest issue can be forgetting to breathe. You can act, then act some more and spiral. It’s natural because chemicals are swirling and […]
    • Same thing a day
      Last week, I got a timely reminder from the YouTube algorithm that sometimes focusing just on one thing is important and practice refining that. I’ve been trying to get back into a regular creative practice, […]
    • Stop, for, against
      Something happens where you need to make a decision you are unclear on – because life happens. It is then brain worms enter the picture and cascade a whole range of spiral thoughts and complications. […]
    • Forty-six
      Years come and go, and as I get older, they seem to pass faster. I used to think that was something older people said; well, I’m one of those older people now, and I say […]
    • Brain catch pots
      Most of my plants are semi-hydroponic and, as a result, have catch pots. These are containers that hold the plant pot and collect the water. Often that’s overflow or drain from watering. It also serves […]
    • Celebrate the passing of side projects
      One of the things I’ve tried to do this year is actively working on creating side projects. This has lead to some growing form ideas, some not even maturing past the seed. However, it has […]
    • Creativity recharging through courses online
      I love that my work means I get to be creative. However, one thing that maybe took me far too long to learn in this career is that I have to recharge that creative flow. […]

    The real meditation is how you live your life.

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